TD003 : Meet Uptown

by Emotional Joystick / Line 47

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Meet Uptown is a mix of reggae, electro, and dub inspired by the sounds of Augustus Pablo, King Tubby, and other dub pioneers. EmotionalJoystick and Line 47 drew from an extensive collection of classic dubs to create an exclusive record that is alive with the spirit of reggae.

Emotional Joystick brings you into the realm of dub with piano and melodica tape delays that drift into the dancey riddim of “Neverending Dub”. The solid driving beat and uplifting melodica create a deep groove that guides you along throughout the track. Glitchy snares and blips fade away into the wash of piano echoes as the track brings you back to right where it began.

The live version of “Babylon” brings Emotional Joystick together with fellow musicians to create an atmospheric organic track that slowly expands beyond the realms of dub. A sweeping organ, atmospheric treatments, and minimal beats collide together and twist this track into a downtempo dub drone.

Side B introduces a new artist to the Terminal Dusk family. Fault. This dubstep remix of “Creations” combines melodica, blips, and echoed rimshots with heavy throbbing bass and solid riddims to create an erie dark undertone. Look for more from Fault on Terminal Dusk in the future.

The original version of “Creations” brings back the days of the original rockers with reverb drums, delayed guitars and a rock-steady riddim. Catchy hooks and true dread power fill the grooves and will definitely keep you dubbing with this one.

“Serpent Dub” closes out “Meet Uptown” with smooth phased horns and lazy dub echoes. The bass and drums are a key element to this dub while the guitars, lasers, and melodica accentuate the vibe.


released August 14, 2007



all rights reserved


Terminal Dusk Louisville, Kentucky

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